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Teacher Gift Idea Using Printable Cards and Gift Tags

Show Your Favorite Teacher Some Love… 

Whether Teacher Appreciation Week is approaching, it’s the end of the school year, or you are in search for the perfect Teacher Christmas Card or special gift, we have gift ideas and printable options for you! A great gift does not have to be extravagant. Sharing a little note is a perfect gift for your child’s favorite teachers – especially if there is more than one! When it comes to coming up with a solid gift idea, you can’t go wrong with a printable card! 

We have different style and size options to choose from because we are ladies who loves options! The BEST part is that you can print it instantly after your download it! In this post, you will see several of our Teacher Gift printable designs to choose from such as our: “About My Teacher” and “What I Love About My Teacher” printable sheet options, printable teacher cards, and printable teacher-themed gift tags! 

Why We Love Our Teachers…

In so many of our lives, we have encountered various types of teachers. From elementary school teachers, Sunday School teachers and even those not in classroom settings such as a family member, a teacher is a special person that is impacts your life. I know I still recall wise words shared with me from one of my favorite high school teachers. I even had teachers and coaches who served as safe places from storms in my life and provided a place to hide out when drama ensued in the school halls. Now that I have children of my own, recognizing and appreciating those who are investing and influencing my child’s life hold a special place in my heart. 

A great teacher leaves an imprint, and a special teacher deserves a sweet acknowledgment of the work they are doing and the time they are investing. Not to mention, many of us have teacher friends or know school staff that could use a little reminder of the amazing work they are doing – especially before the year end or on the last day of school. 

Our Insider Information – Teacher Gift Advice and Recommendations from Our Favorite Teacher!

My younger sister has been a teacher for several years, and she has been so gracious to share insight from some of her favorite gifts she has received over the years. She noted that every gift she has received is meaningful, there were a few items that stay at the top of her favorites list. We wanted to include some great ways to personalize any gift you choose!


My sister has shared that one of her favorite gifts is receiving any type of plant!  If you are gifting a potted plant and want to add a personal touch using a free printable tag is a great way to do it! Printable gift tags can be tied on the pot directly or attached to a wooden skewer to be stylishly placed in the potted plant! We loved the phrase, “Thank You For Helping Me Grow,” so we used it as one of our printable teacher card designs.


Thank You For Helping Me Grow – Printable Teacher Card

Tags can be an adorable addition to any gift. Whether gifting a colorful succulent, a bouquet of beautiful flowers or hand-painted flower pots, (an idea for a Mother’s Day gift or as well!) printable tags take it the extra mile. It is a sweet little way to personalize a gift and share your appreciation for all of the hard work your child’s teacher (or family member) pours out by the end of the year.

If you are one who enjoys giving practical gifts and frugal options, follow our instant download instructions to receive your digital product directly in your inbox. You have the option to print on any type of paper, colorful notecards, or card stock! All come with their own price point and allows you to have full control of the budget and accessibility.  


Another favorite – Gift Cards!

You can pair this cuteness with a gift card (one of my sister’s most recommended teacher’s gift!) – a nice plant (a succulent plant is an easy gift and can be found at Lowe’s, Home Depot or Trader Joe’s!) – or just as a sweet card – for those who appreciate punny wording options! Allowing your kiddo to use as a coloring page before gifting is a fun idea and perfect way to make sure your little one feels apart of the gift itself! 

Who Doesn’t Love Free Downloads??

Printable tags are lovely, even more so when you can receive in the form of a free download! You can get our FREE printable Teacher Thank You Card delivered to your inbox! You can request it here or click the image below to find our all the deets. We also have other freebies for you to check out! You can find those here.

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