Printable Christmas Invitation Templates – Editable Invitation Templates – What Are They and Why Use Them?

Printable Christmas Party Invitation - Christmas Party Invitation Template - RSVP Card - Christmas Greeting Card - Corporate Party Invitation

Printable Christmas Invitation Templates – Editable Invitation Templates – What Are They and Why Use Them?

Christmas Party Invitation Templates are a great way to make things easier during a busy time of year!

Whether you have been planning for months or need to get your party details out at the last moment… having beautiful design and fast delivery options create ease in the hustle of the season. Let’s talk about editable invitation templates – what they are and the benefits when considering this option.

Editable Invitation Templates give you options – Both in design and convenience.

Looking for a beautiful invitation that is elegant and unique?? We may be biased, but we think we have some of the best ones available! Check out our Etsy Shop and see our latest editable Christmas Party Invitation of the season!

Editable Christmas Invitation - Invitation Template - Classic Christmas Invitation - Corporate Christmas Party Invitation

What is an Invitation Template?

Although editable templates have been around for a minute, they have really taken off in the past few years. Editable templates offer you the option to bypass the delay of having another business personalize an invitation for you and risking mistakes. You receive an instant download that allows simple customization options with the ability to edit text, insert/add your own wording, and all from your computer or mobile device! Most shops offer detailed instructions with your purchase to make editing a breeze! 

Why Use an Invitation Template? 

The freedom an editable template offers is fairly expansive. Not to mention, you can print your template at home or send to a third party like VistaPrint, Staples or your closest print shop! When considering budget options, if you have a lot of people on your guest list, you can opt to send out your invitation in digital formats like text or email and save on postage entirely!

The template has editable text so you are able to share your own wording and party details. You can also adjust colors, font style or text size. Lastly, once you purchase or download the template, its yours for personal use. Meaning, you can print or share your template with as many guests as you would like! You template does not have an expiration date, so you can print, share, and use the same template for years to come. 

Friendsgiving Invitation - Printable Thanksgiving Invitation - Invitation Template - Editable Invitation Template- Friendsgiving

What Makes an Invitation Template Better Than Store-Bought Holiday Party Invitations?

If you are like me and don’t like to throw an event with the same look twice, like to veer away from the mass collective looks available, or want your Christmas invitation wording to have personalized flair, finding a fresh festive invitation that meets these needs can be a challenge. Editable templates meet most of these requests while having new designs that are unique from what you find on stores shelves. 

Our shop strives to have new looks every season while combing classic looks with trending designs. The individuality you will find at smaller shops is unmatched. With one search on Etsy, you will encounter a variety of styles and different colors every festive season or event!

Christmas Party Invites That Come in an Invitation Suite! – Match at Every Turn of Your Event!

Another thing I really love about using editable Christmas Party Invitations is that you can often find them offer as a part of a suite! For all of our most popular invitations, we offer a Party Bundle, which includes matching theme RSVP Cards, Welcome Sign, Name Cards, Gift Tags, Seating Charts, etc., depending on the type of event. This allows us to be a one-stop shop for our customers if they are drawn to one or more of our designs.

Christmas Party Invitation Suite - Corporate Christmas Party - Christmas Party Event Bundle - Editable Template

We have an elegant Christmas Party Invitation that was getting a lot of traction so we created a matching Party Bundle!

Our Christmas Party Bundle is one of the most popular items in our shop! It is lovely when you can find all the matching elements needed for an event, and even more so when each comes in a pdf format or as an editable template to ensure easy printing and personalization.

Insider Note: 

When you are working with a small shop, you are often times working with the designer directly. On Etsy, some shops offer custom order in which you are able to request additional items match the theme. At our shop, we jump at this opportunity! We get the opportunity to create new items while meeting a customer’s need.

Our first party bundle was birthed from a customer reaching out and asking about additional printable templates to use at their event matching an invitation design of ours they loved. We will forever be thankful for that customer and allowing us the chance to create for her. 

Needing Christmas Cards?? We have those too!

One of the coolest things about creating, is being able to make what you see in your head come to live and share it with others! If I had a dollar for every time I found an item, but it “wasn’t quite” what I wanted in terms of design, I would have a lot of dollars.

We also wanted to create Christmas Cards to be gifted with gift cards from some of our favorite stores while maintaining a unique look and the right amount of holiday cheer. The good news is that we have a handful of options available!

Check out our Teacher Appreciation Gifting Cards and Printable Gifts!

We also have a Teacher Gifts section of our shop that has Christmas Gift Cards celebrating Teachers. These come in pdf format so you are able to print at home for a quick gifting option. Life is busy enough, if we can help offer quality designs with practical applications, we want to do that! 

Teacher Appreciate Gifts - Printable Gift Cards - Digital Gift Cards- Teacher Gift

Show our Delivery Drivers some love this holiday season!

Printable Sign - Delivery Driver Thank You Sign - Printable

In conclusion…

In conclusion, whether you are planning your family Christmas Party, Friendsgiving Dinner, or a Corporate Christmas Party Bonanza, finding the perfect invitation to set the tone for your guests begins the minute they receive the invite. Using an invitation template is the best way to share your event details and control the option of printing or sending virtual e-vites.

Virtual Invitation Template - Friendsgiving - Thanksgiving Invitation - Editable Template

When searching for a digital product, you can spend less time stressing about going to a store during business hours and do your research when it’s most convenient for you! Although it may be the “Most Wonderful Time of the Year”, it is most certainly the craziest! 

Wishing you all a glorious holiday season and a very MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

P.S. – A quick Google or Pinterest search is a good way to find free templates, free printable Christmas Invitations or a free download of something you are needing. Not always, but its worth a try! On occasion, our shop offers free instant downloads on our blog. We love to give back and help people save a buck when we can, while not sacrificing on look or quality.

Looking for some awesome FREE printable signs or tags? Our Free Printable Trick or Treat sign post or download our Boho Thank You Gift Tags FREE here.

For example, this past Halloween, we offered a free printable Halloween Signs. We thought of teachers, parents or businesses that may want some seasonal decor without having to any spend money.

We have a few other free downloads we have offered in the past! If you like our style, you can sign up for our email list here and receive updates when new ones are released!

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