Succulent Floral Arrangements – Beautiful Wedding Centerpieces & Gifts


Succulent Floral Arrangements – Beautiful Wedding Centerpieces & Gifts

We can’t wait to share about one of our favorite weddings. We helped design and decorate an assortment of succulents for their special day.

Succulent Floral Arrangements - Beautiful Wedding Centerpieces & Gifts-succulent-terrarium-centerpiece-wedding-decor

Welcome! We are Em and Kate. Two sisters, who have decorated weddings for nearly 20 years. On the blog, we share some of our favorite designs, favors, budget-saving tips, and do-it-yourself ideas fit for any wedding.

You can read more about our adventures and decor ideas here.

Add a modern and lively twist to any special occasion with succulent centerpieces and succulent gifts!

We had the honor of decorating for some of the coolest people we have had the pleasure to know. They both have artistic flair with a unique vibe just their own. Staged in an older downtown venue that once was an old railroad house, they wanted to bring modern elements to the aged venue aesthetic. This is how we did our best to bring this creative design to life…

Succulent Centerpieces with Floral Accents – Using Live Plants & Fresh Florals

For the table centerpieces, Kate curated succulent terrarium arrangements in differently shaped glass terrarium containers. We used a mix of gold and brushed bronze metal rimmed glass terrarium containers in unique varieties of shapes and sizes. She chose a variety of succulents to create each beautiful arrangement.  Due to the size variation of the glass terrarium containers, our team florist picked several kinds of flowers to add color and height creating a beautiful displays of live plants . Each table was designed differently, adding to the funky theme and artistic vibe. 

succulent-wedding-favor-succulent-floral-arrangement- wedding-table-succulent-centerpiece-fresh-flowers1

We had over twenty seating tables, so Kate started constructing the terrariums a couple of months before the event date to ensure we had everything completed in a timely manner and by decorating day. Using this timeline and knowing it would take time to plant each mini succulent garden, succulents were the most perfect choice as they are low maintenance plants, needing little water and minimal care once planted.

It helped that they are easy to plant and Kate is an avid plant lover. Needless to say, she loved every minute of this process. If doing it yourself intimidates you, don’t let it! We encourage you to try to make your own because succulents are forgiving plants that don’t require a green thumb, just remember they need minimal water and direct sunlight. Succulents really are an easy plant type.

succulent-wedding-favor-succulent-floral-arrangement- wedding-table-succulent-centerpiece

*Note – if you opt to buy already planted terrariums, you may encounter additional fees because you are not only purchasing the plants, but also the floral container, supplies and possibly encountering succulent plant delivery fees. We found it cheaper to purchase each element separately and construct them ourselves. It may have cost more time, but we were able to buy the containers on sale and also were able to purchase the live succulents in bulk.

Additional perks we found were that we were able to control the exact look of the plant container, the plant type by using attractive succulent plants, but not having to pay the price tag of luxury succulent plants, as well as the look of the rocks used within the display. If budget is a factor, which it is for most, this is a great way to accomplish the look at a better price point.

succulent-wedding-favor-succulent-floral-arrangement- wedding-table-succulent-centerpiece-fresh-flowers3

When it came time to decorate the tables, we added fairy lights to each terrarium to add some whimsy as well as additional lighting. Our florist placed a few fresh flowers in some of the terrariums to add a splash of color. To complete the table centerpieces, we mixed and matched the different kind of flower arrangements based on size and height. We also added candles to each table to create more romantic lighting. The tables were a mix of rectangular and round, so the amount of elements needed to fill each center varied slightly.

Here are a few examples of what we did!

succulent-wedding-favor-succulent-floral-arrangement- wedding-table-succulent-centerpiece1

There was something so fun and interesting about every table having different stunning succulent arrangements, but it still felt coordinated with a similar theme weaved throughout each space. That leads me to the next area we sprinkled this theme of beautiful succulents… as the ideal gift for wedding guests.

Succulent Wedding Favors – Great Gifts for Guests!

When considering what to share with your guests as a wedding favor, let us share with you how we found that succulents make excellent choice for this purpose! These wedding favors took minimal construction effort and we only added complimentary personalized gift message to a few in the cluster gift display. We bought the succulents on Amazon, and surprisingly, they arrived in perfect condition.

(Can we just say we love that Amazon has flower delivery now?? Not to mention, free shipping and same day delivery on occasion. It’s just lovely.) You can see an example of the wedding favor display below. 


We added little cupcake tags with the bride and grooms wedding day hashtag for guest reference and photo sharing. We also added little twine bows to each to make it feel more like a specialty gift. As far as wedding favors are concerned, we would rate these as very affordable and super easy. They made excellent gifts for a guest list of over 100. They also made a perfect addition to the decor design and brought the modern vibe to another part of the event space.

Read our full post about the DIY Easy Succulent Wedding Favors here. Or see other plant gifting ideas, specifically for teachers, here – Thank You For Helping Me Grow – Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas.

We also have a FREE Thank You For Helping Me Grow Card as a digital download. You can find that FREE PRINTABLE and others here.


For this event, we did not use any faux succulents in the design. Since the bride and groom gifted the centerpieces, along with the wedding favors, we found it extra special and important to use live plants. The guests LOVED that they were able to have the option of taking a glass terrarium along with the mini succulent wedding favors.

Although, there were not enough terrariums to cover the total guest count, the bride and groom were able to offer the option of taking a centerpiece with family members and their wedding party first, before opening it up to the rest of the wedding guests. The fact that they were all live plants that could be added to the guests’ home decor after the event made them a great choice versus a faux options that are prone to fading. 

What else we loved about this wedding…

This couple is so cool and it was so much fun to see how their personalities were represented throughout the wedding design. For the arbor, we chose whimsical greenery with splashes of flowers so show their free-spirited vibe. One of the coolest and most amazing elements at this wedding was a large custom abstract art piece painted by a family friend who is a professional painter. (You can find more of her work here, Kristy Gammill Art.)

The artwork was placed behind the arbor so that it added the most vibrant and beautiful colors behind the wedding couple as they shared their vows during the ceremony. Hands down, one of our favorite parts of the entire aesthetic. 


If you want to see our full portfolio of this wedding, you can find it on our site here. You can also check out some of the other weddings we have designed there too!

We will be sharing about each and the ways that we make it unique to each bride as well as ways we saved on the budget. If you want to know when our posts are shared, you can sign up for our email list here and get the news as soon as we post it! 

Thank you for reading and letting us share with you. It is an honor to have you here and for a minute of your time.

Cheers! ~ Em & Kate

Photo Credit: Catie Bartlett Photography

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