We are so glad you are here.

Welcome to Our Little Corner of the World!

We are so honored you are here.


Welcome to our blog! We cannot wait to share all the things with you. We are two sisters who have bean creating with minimal resources for most of our lives. It’s now so deeply engrained in us that it kind of became our mission statement…

You don’t always need an abundance to make something beautiful. Some of the most beautiful, meaningful and rewarding projects are created from using what you have.

We learned this lesson early and out of necessity. Our budgets have always been small and from that, we have been stretched creatively. We realized how resourceful one can be when there is not another choice. What we used to see as a surmounting challenge, has become the foundation of our little business.

After decorating numerous weddings, events, houses, and work spaces over nearly 20 years, we have encountered more people than not, planning a project or special event, that have bought into the belief that a significant budget is needed to make dreams come true. It has been such a blast and immense blessing to come alongside and prove that gorgeous scenes can be accomplished with a vision, hard work and a little creative problem-solving.

Right here, on this little space on the internet, is where we plan to share what we have done, how we have done it and hopefully encourage you that you can do it too!

We would love to have you come along this journey of cataloging past events and share current ones as well. It’s been pretty awesome so far, and we look forward to what’s to come.

We may be partial, but our story is one we are proud to share. As two sisters who love being together and have always wanted to work together, starting this blog and opening our Etsy Shop are tiny steps towards making our dreams come true. It may be a success or a bust, but we are here for all of it.

You can’t accomplish anything by staying in a place of doubt or fear so welcome to our leap of faith. Here we go!

Thank you for being here!

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