Fall Floral Arrangements – Fall Floral Arranging Video and Project Story

Fall Floral Arrangements are a great way to display the beauty of the season.

See how we arranged our latest and hear the story behind it.

Keep reading to see our Arranging Video and hear our Project Story!

Fall Floral Arrangements

One would be hard pressed to find a more delightful mix of colors besides the bold colors of autumn. The beauty of fall is one of the most distinguishable themes; with its perfect mixture of tones and fall flowers, it is a stunningly beautiful season. And what better way to spread fall magic than with a colorful fall floral arrangement. Needless to mention, but I love this time of year. As an avid coffee drinker and cardigan lover, fall brings me joy. 

My family lived in upstate New York a few years ago, and my love for these particular color combinations exploded. During early fall, the trees transitioned into one of the most fabulous color displays I have ever experienced. The burnt oranges, ruddy reds, golden yellows, and rustic browns highlighted the beauty of the season in a way that is hard to describe. The colors were so vibrant the trees looked as if they were on fire! I had never took in such an inspiring autumn view before that scene. 

Not that I needed additional reasons to enjoy the colors of fall foliage, (for real, I love it)! Why not create a fiery bouquet with some of my favorite flowers in this seasonal color palette of warm colors? 

The Background of This Project:

We had a recent request to recreate a striking bouquet that was originally designed using fresh flowers. Our client requested that we use artificial floral stems so she could display the seasonal arrangement on her dining table. She provided a vessel that had a very rustic feel and was pumpkin shaped. The opening of it was a great size to build an awesome autumn arrangement! 

This was a special job. The client was gifted the original fresh flower arrangement after her mother had passed away. She requested we re-create this specific beautiful fall bouquet because it reminded her of her late mom. 

It was such a moving project. As I selected each floral stem, I ensured that it was the perfect choice of a replica of the fresh flowers used. I desperately wanted this arrangement to be as close to the original as possible. If you have ever worked with faux florals, you know that not every one is the same in presentation. There are some that look more realistic than others. With that being said, it was a challenge to find the exact coloring in the higher quality faux florals. Inevitably, minor substitutions had to be made. 

The Building Process and Tools Needed:

I used a green floral foam block and cut it to the size of the container. Since I was not using a classic vase, which tend to have a smaller opening and make arranging without a block easier – a floral foam was necessary for this project. I have arranged without using a foam block, but in my experience, using a block is the best way to keep the stems in place while you build. 

If you are considering making your own floral bouquet of autumn flowers and opt for artificial florals,  be sure to grab a pair of wire cutters. In order to get you stem length right for your vessel, you will need to cut the stem.

(Let me tell you a secret, this is not always an easy process. I have never not been able to cut a stem, but some of the florals have several wires or a thicker one that can be a bit harder to cut. With a little muscle, you can do it!) 

See It Come Together: 

You can see our video below to see the arranging magic happen! Next time, we will be sure to include a video from an above perspective so you can really see it come together. 

Extra Note:

This is one of my favorite things we do for people. Creating thoughtful gifts with deep meaning is a such privilege. And this will forever be one of my favorite fall flower arrangements because of the story that surrounded it. 

Post Note: To be honest, my work is far from that of expert florists. It is probably a stretch to even consider myself a floral designer. Yet, working with faux flowers has been a great way to allow me to practice skills without having to work with the challenge of delicate fresh flowers. If fresh floral design is something you are wanting to explore, I have found that purchasing grocery store flowers is cost-effective and a perfect way to practice. (Trader Joes and Whole Foods are my preferred stores for flowers. Uptown Grocers is another option, but I have found their flowers to be significantly more expensive.)

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